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Honours and Awards 2009–

  • William Evans Fellow, University of Otago, July– August 2009

  • Distinguished Visiting Professor, University of Auckland, August 2009

  • Fellow, Institute of Chinese Studies, Chinese University of Hong Kong, 2009–

  • Adjunct Researcher and Consulting Professor, Institute of the Promotion of Chinese Language and Culture, Renmin University of China, February 2010—

  • Fellow, Santa Maddalena Foundation, Donnini, June–July 2011

  • Winner, Long Form Winner of the 2013 Science Fiction and Fantasy Translation Award for works published in 2012: Atlas: The Archeology of an Imaginary City by Dung Kai-cheung, translated into English by Dung Kai-cheung, Anders Hansson and Bonnie S. McDougall (Columbia University Press, 2012). Also long-listed for the University of Rochester's Three Percent Best Translation Book Awards for Fiction in March 2013 

  • Fellow, Australian Academy for the Humanities, 2015–

  • Special Book Award of China, August 2019

Translation Award Panels, 2014–

  • Panel member, Susan Sontag Foundation Translation Prize, 2014

  • Panel member, NSW Premier’s Award for Translation, 2017

  • Panel member, Australian Academy for the Humanities Translation Medal, 2018

  • Panel chair, NSW Premier’s Award for Translation, 2017

Conferences, guest lectures and seminars, 2015–

  • "Translation and Censorship", Asian-Pacific Writers and Translators Annual Conference, University of the Philippines, Quezon City, October 2015.

  • Conference dinner reading "Grey" by Dung Kai-cheung, Asian-Pacific Writers and Translators Annual Conference, University of the Philippines, Quezon City, October 2015.

  • “Cosmopolitan, Local and Innovative: Hong Kong Literature’s World Value”, World Value of Chinese Culture conference, Beijing Normal University conference, November 2015.

  • “Cosmopolitanism, Localism and Innovation in Contemporary Chinese Fiction: Atlas and The Catalog by Dung Kai-cheung” and “How Translation Came to Rule My Life”, Guest Lectures, Shanghai Jiaotong University, December 2015.

  • "The Object as Subject: Dung Kai-cheung's Sublimation of Hong Kong's Material Life", Literature & Culture: Traditional and Modern conference, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences and the Australian Academy of the Humanities, Beijing, July 2016.

  • “Object as Subject: Dung Kai-cheung’s Sublimation of Hong Kong’s Material Life", China Studies Centre Research Forum on Chinese Literature, Linguistics, Culture and Education, University of Sydney, September 2016.

  • "Multiple Voice Translation", conference Beijing University of Language and Culture, September 2017.

  • Discussant with Anders Hansson on Dung Kai-cheung's Cantonese Love Stories, Hong Kong International Literary Festival, Hong Kong, November 2017.

  • "The Uncertainty Principle in Literary Theory", conference Beijing Normal University, November 2017.

  • “Social and power relationships between translators and translatees” and “Multiple voice literary translation”, Guest Seminars, Centre for Contemporary Chinese Studies, University of Melbourne, October 2018.

  • “Fruitful exchanges: Bonnie S. McDougall on translation”, interview by Jeffrey Errington, 29 March 2019 in Sydney Review of Books, Writing and Soceity Research Centre, Western Sydney University (online).

  • Invited “Soft Power” panel member, “The Uncertainty Principle in Literary Theory: Modern Chinese Literature at Home and Abroad”, “China at a Turning Point? China Development Forum, 2019”, China Development Society, University of Sydney, May 2019.

  • Invited speaker, “The Uncertainty Principle in Literary Theory: A Century of Censorship in Modern China”, Revisiting the May Fourth: An International Symposium in Commemoration of the Centennial of the New Culture Movement in China, Royal Swedish Academy of Letters, History and Antiquities, Stockholm, 12-13 September 2019.

Publications 2011–


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